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toastandjammers's Journal

Toast and Jam Open Mic!
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Greetings, Toast and Jammers!!

This community has been posted to serve as a forum for those performing, watching, and/or hanging out at Roast & Toast Coffee and Cafe's supercool open mic night, Toast & Jam! (Sunday nights, 6 to 8 pm, at Roast & Toast!)

Here's where you can...
- Talk about your performance or the performances of others
- Let us know what you think of Toast & Jam
- Make plans to pair up for performances or jam with others
- Exchange info on songs, poems, instruments, etc.
- Make plans to meet up with your friends for Toast & Jam
- Offer suggestions on how Toast & Jam can be even cooler!
- Keep an eye on our SPECIAL EVENTS and fun things to do!

Post often and have fun - and please remember that this community exists in conjunction with Roast & Toast Coffee and Cafe, so play nice! :)