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FAREWELL, TOAST & JAM. [Jan. 28th, 2006|08:55 pm]

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Well, everyone -

It's a sad day - tomorrow is the very last Toast & Jam Open Mic.

Due to business complications, the Roast & Toast owners and managers have decided to cancel our weekly Open Mic show.

I'd like to thank all of you for supporting Toast & Jam - whether it was by performing, passing out fliers, putting up posters, bringing in your friends, covering for me (your host) when I was out of town, or just showing up and watching the "rilly big shew," you are all very much appreciated.

It was a good run of over 3 years, and I hope you all had as much fun as I did.

That said...

Toast & Jam is not completely closing down. We hope to take the same spirit, fun, and friendliness (and hopefully, lots of our performers and audience members, too!!) to our NEW Open Mic show, as follows:

at City Park Grill
(just down Lake Street from Roast & Toast!)
8 to 10 PM
(9 to 11 PM on the second Sunday of each month)

We hope to see you there -
and if you'd like to keep track of City Jam happenings,
please add cityjam to your Friends list!
(it's a new LJ, but will be up and running in about a week)

Thanks so much again!
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November jammin'! [Nov. 19th, 2005|12:35 am]

[feeling... |thankfulthankful!]

Toast & Jam is hangin' in there!! Thank you all so much for coming in, making our crowd bigger (and more enthusiastic!) and indulging in that great Roast & Toast food to help keep our favorite open mic going - we'll keep you updated, but hopefully we're going to get to stick around for a while longer... (keep your fingers crossed and, most importantly, COME ON IN, participate, buy stuff, drink coffee!!)

That said - here are some photos from the latest Toast & Jam!

Image hosted by
Jon Moody gets the show rockin' with a new original...

Image hosted by
...and Dan plays a song of his own that's become a crowd fave...

Image hosted by
...New performer Megan braves the stage with some of her great music...

Image hosted by
...and guitarist Gary jams with Native American flute player Aaron Otto...

Image hosted by
... after which the crowd quiets to a hush as Aaron's beautiful tones close the show...

THANKS for joining us for Toast & Jam! See ya next week at Petoskey's own top-notch coffeehouse, Roast & Toast Coffee & Cafe!


Please remember that Roast & Toast is not a music-licensed venue, so any tunes that you play have gotta be your own, your friend's (that you've got permission to sing), or something that's so old it's already in the public lexicon. Thanks!
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Happy Halloween! [Nov. 1st, 2005|12:25 am]

[feeling... |deviousscary!]

Thanks to everyone who made the effort, got dressed up, and came in for our Halloween Toast & Jam! Whether you were in costume or not, we hope you had fun... here are some photos from the evening!

Image hosted by
The Halloweenie Stage is ready for performers!

Image hosted by
Karmen (The Nurse) and Angie (The Cool Girl) are ready for some Toast & Jam fun - and coffee...

Image hosted by
But Karmen and Angie's friends say "Hurry up with those drinks!!"

Image hosted by
Toast & Jam regulars Jon (Rocker Boy), Tracy (Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz) and Chrystianna (Gypsy Girl) are enjoying dinner and music...

Image hosted by
As new performer "Gwen" takes the stage...

Image hosted by
And Cody and Dan rock da House...

Image hosted by
While Joe makes an impromptu Bono costume...

Image hosted by
And Liam and friend give Toast & Jam a big thumbs-up!

Woo-hoo for our Halloween Jam!! :)
See you guys next week, Sunday, 6 to 8 pm at Toast & Jam!
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FYI! [Oct. 27th, 2005|04:13 pm]

[feeling... |cheerfulcheerful]

Hey, Toast and Jammers!!

First of all, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU - ALL of you!! - for your great rallying support for our little Toast & Jam show over the past three weeks! Our crowds have increased, we've been getting some great new musicians showcasing their tunes, our "regular" performers have stepped it up and are bringing in new songs and more interesting stuff, and people are even remembering to save a little bit of their "Fun Money" to grab something to drink or eat at Toast & Jam, thereby supporting the big show with those (unfortunately) all-important dollars n' cents! WE APPRECIATE YOU!

That said - we've got a little Public Notice for you, so read up:

Please remember that Roast & Toast is not a music-licensed venue, so any tunes that you play have gotta be your own, your friend's (that you've got permission to sing), or something that's so old it's already in the public lexicon.

Okay? Okay, cool. We just wanted to give you a friendly reminder. So - now - go write stuff, practice stuff, and get ready for the next...


Sundays, 6 to 8 pm at Roast & Toast, see ya there!
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HAUNTED Toast & Jam! [Oct. 23rd, 2005|02:02 pm]

[feeling... |scaredscared!!]

Hi, DailyCrushers!!

Just a quick note to remind you that coming up on October 30th is our Halloween Haunted Toast & Jam!!
We hope you'll arrive dressed in costume (PRIZE for Best Costume!!) and, musicians, we hope you'll bring in some of your SPOOKY SONGS to play!! C'mon, it's a creative challenge - write up something scary, 'cause anyone performing a Spooky Song will get free coffee, and there will be other surprises, too, so come on in to our Haunted Toast & Jam!! Bwah ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaa! :)

Image hosted by
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It's October already? [Oct. 3rd, 2005|01:31 am]

[feeling... |energeticenthused!]

Hey, everyone!! Welcome back to the toastandjammers LiveJournal, for those of you who wondered where we've been off to - and for those of you new to the page, welcome to you, too! :)

Tonight's show was a bittersweet one - sweet because we had plenty of great performers, and bitter because we've just found out that we need to seriously pump up the Toast & Jam in order to keep our favorite open mic show from becoming extinct! Winter is a rough time in Northern Michigan, and if you want to keep Toast & Jam on the Roast & Toast stage, we need YOU!

If you're a performer, put together some new songs, skits, stories, what-have-you, come on in and help us add more VARIETY to our show! If you're an audience member, grab ALL of your friends and get 'em to come on in with you to both support our performers AND support the venue - grab dinner at Toast and enjoy the free entertainment! :) Businesses haveta make money, that's just the way it goes, and Roast & Toast has to make enough cashola on open mic night to keep things rolling and happy - and it's all up to you guys to make that happen! So LET'S DO IT! :)

In the GOOD news department, we had a superb showing tonight! Tonight's standouts included regulars Ryan, who showed up with some new snazzy tunes... Dan, who sang his own "crowd favorite" pop single... Aaron, who brought plenty of low tones and high emotion to our stage... Jon Moody, who cranked out a few of his always-great originals with pal Trevor on drums... and newcomers Oddfellow, a quartet from the U.P. that showcased some terrific songs of their own - we hope they'll be back soon, in spite of that long drive across the Mighty Mac! Oh, wait, that is everyone - well, that means that everyone stood out tonight! *wink*

So remember, SPREAD THE WORD, people, and let's keep Toast & Jam alive and fun so we've all got something to do on Sunday nights all winter long! Thanks for your attendance and friendship - we'll see you at next Sunday's Toast & Jam, 6 to 8 PM at Roast & Toast Cafe, downtown Petoskey!
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It's Fall at Toast & Jam! [Sep. 4th, 2005|02:41 pm]

[feeling... |excitedenthused!!]

Hey, toastandjammers one and all!!

Just a quick note to let you know that you can expect more fun stuff coming to the toastandjammers LiveJournal this fall - it's been a busy summer for Toast & Jam, so it was a little tricky to stay on top of things, but we'll be posting more photos and fun stuff for you to check out, so don't miss it!

In the meantime, feel free to use toastandjammers to stay in touch with your Toast & Jam friends - and tell everyone you know to come on down to Toast & Jam open mic at Roast & Toast Coffee & Cafe, every Sunday night from 6 to 8 pm - we've got loads of musicians playin' original tunes, and we heart them all, but we welcome poets, storytellers, and comics, too!

See ya at Toast & Jam!
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July update!! [Jul. 18th, 2005|05:55 pm]

[feeling... |hothot but still jammin'!]

Hey, toastandjammers!

Sorry it's been a while - we've been so busy with Toast & Jam in the real-busy-summer-world that we haven't been online as much as we should be!

The past few weeks have been interesting, as the unusual heat here in Northern Michigan is keeping half of the people at home, and the other half running to Toast for a hint of air conditioning and an iced latte. Toast & Jam has been a constant, though, as each Sunday we're continuing to bring you some pretty darned cool and eclectic entertainment! For those of you unfamiliar with our little show, it's Sunday nights 6 to 8 pm - and we welcome not only music (although we get a lot of that, and most of it is quite good!), but poetry, storytellers, and whatever else you guys can think up...

If you aren't quite ready for the stage, of course you can still join us, grab an iced drink or a granita or some dinner, and cheer on your pals while they perform...

Here are a few shots from the last few open mics (and a special thanks to Ryan, who manned the show for us on Blissfest weekend!)...

Image hosted by
Jon Moody, doing one of his own self-penned songs...

Image hosted by
Our favorite T&J regular and sometime host Ryan...

Image hosted by
The evasive Maari, who we finally got to sing us a few pretty songs...

Image hosted by
Aaron Hardy, back in action in spite of his still-healing broken hand...

Image hosted by
Newbie Christopher, who is helping to bring poetry back to T&J...

Image hosted by
And yet another new performer adding a little variety to the mix...

We'll see you all at the next Toast & Jam!!
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Call to action! [May. 19th, 2005|05:00 pm]

Hey, toastandjammers!

This upcoming Sunday (the 22nd) after Toast & Jam open mic, there is going to be a benefit show in Charlevoix for a friend, James Hart, who was injured last year in a freak accident where he fell off of a rooftop deck and became paralyzed from the waist down. The benefit will be at a place called the Flight Deck in Charlevoix (which I think is Charlevoix's bowling alley and is supposed to be right on the main street).

If anyone can attend to support this worthy cause, or, better yet, go in and offer to play some music, that would be really, really cool, and I know James would appreciate it.

Thanks so much!
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Sunday, Sunday, SUNDAY! [May. 17th, 2005|06:04 pm]

Sunday's show started off slow again (yup, folks, it's just that time of year) but picked up nicely towards the middle - Trevor came in with his drum and helped me out with my opening songs (thanks, Trevor!), and then we enjoyed cool sets from Ryan, Jon (again with Trevor), and Nick.

Enjoy the quiet Sundays now, 'cause pretty soon Toast & Jam will be overrun with fudgies! :)

And make sure you tell all your pals that Toast & Jam will be going strong all summer - we're going to hopefully be adding some new fun elements to the show, too. While we absolutely ADORE all of our current roster of talented regular musicians (and believe me, we couldn't have gotten through the winter without your enthusiasm and music!), we think it would also be cool to have some poetry readers, storytellers, or comedians show up to add a little variety - so pass the word along, Toastandjammers! Toast & Jam is YOUR show, remember, so it's what you make it!

See ya next Sunday! :) Kristi
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